English in year 6

vrijdag 22 november 2019

All around us the leaves have started to fall on the ground.  Autumn has definitely started. But why do leaves change colour in autumn? During English “class” we took a look at the science behind this beautiful phenomena. We found out that it has everything to do with chlorophyll, which is called chlorofyl or bladgroen in Dutch. When the seasons change, the days get shorter (there is less sunshine) and the weather gets colder. When this happens it is harder for the chlorophyll  in the leaves to make the food needed to stay green. So instead of making more food, the leaves start using food they have stored away for this time of year. While this is happening the colours in the leaves of the trees are able to show through. Red, yellow, gold and orange colours are hiding in the leaves all summer long. The colours just can’t be seen in the summer because of all the chlorophyll in the leaves.


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